18 Disember 2007

In Progress : HG Strike Noir (45%)

I bought several Gunpla since I came to Japan, but none of them have been assemble yet. The first Gunpla I bought is Strike Noir HG.

Last Saturday I finally finished assembled it but 45% complete. I'm out of thinner. Not the paint.

One part is lost, and another part, how should I say it.....over-file when I try to file it.

So, have to re-order those parts, cost about 200 yen. Heard that I have to wait about 2~4 weeks for the parts arrived.

Here some pictures...

My strike noir on my book shelf...

Where's the armor? Lost it.

A view from above... What's that white thing at the backpack?

Closer view on the backpack. I use a piece of paper to prevent the wing from loose away.

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