06 Januari 2008

Tetsudou Wakuwaku Flea Market

I waited for this event called "鉄道わくわくフリーマーケット" (tetsudou wakuwaku flea market).

This event is a annual event, held at OBP (Osaka Business Park) usually at early January. This year is the 3rd year.

However, I felt that the last year event is more interesting than this time. I only went for less than an hour(!).

Compared to last year event, this time there is less shop that sell model train. More of them sell collectible goods such as tickets and train head mark.

But this year they have a big company (not a sponsor) join the event. And a LGB layout.
A Layout Outside The Event Area (N Gauge)

-A big display (there is a camera in one of them)

The LGB Layout

HO Layout

Rental N Layout (no scenery this year)

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