18 Februari 2009

A walk in Suma Rikyu Park

THE sakura blooming season will be coming soon. But before that, it is ume (梅/Japanese apricot (?) ) to bloom first. I took this opportunity to shoot some photos of them today.

For today's outing, my friend Amzar was accompanying me. He came a long way from Osaka (not that long, just about an hour of travel).

Our destination was Suma Rikyu Park (須磨離宮公園).

Located just a 10 minutes' walk from 山陽電車 月見山駅 (Tsukimiyama Sta., Sanyo Line) and 山陽電車 須磨寺駅(Sumadera sta., Sanyo Line), the park have many varieties of flowers here.

The park is closed to public every thursday but due to the Ume blooming season, the park will be opened everyday till the 8th of March.

We arrived there just before mid-day. For me, mid-day is just not the right time to shoot. But I managed to get some good photos.

I will post a link to the photos later. Just check the column at the right. Like the title, the album will also will be named A walk in: Suma Rikyu Park.

Hope I will get the chance to shoot again like today.

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  1. huuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!jeles!!!!bile la aq dpt g jepon nih!!!!