30 Mac 2009

Congrats and welcome

On 26th of March, MSAJ Kansai held a dinner called Majlis Aprisiasi dan Youkoso 2009.

The purpose of the dinner was to celebrate all MSAJ Kansai members who have just graduated and also to welcome our new kohai who have just arrived several days before.

I as usual have been asked to lend my magic hand for audio/visual system. And as usual, what I was doing is just a voluntary act (my name was not written at the credit. yes, as usual).

I was suspecting the dinner would go pretty well as we had the permission to use the hall for 2 days. There should be enough time to prepare.

But, as usual also there was always somebody who ruined our preparation.

As result, we had problem with the audio system. I should say "thanks" to them.

My friend, Amzar was the one who worked very hard for that day. I left him working alone for many times to get some pictures. If I didn't shot, who else will? I remember there was nobody except me who took picture from the beginning to the end.

Well, I'm glad the dinner ended with no big trouble. I'm also glad that this dinner was the last event which I would be greatly honoured to lend my magic hand. No more after this unless they pay me.

For those who graduated, I wish you all congratulations. To our new kohais, welcome to Japan.

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