27 April 2009

A walk: Mt. Rokko

The last time I wrote a post under A walk series was about 2 months ago. It was about Amanohashidate in Kyoto. This time, I will write about Mt. Rokko.

The trip to Mt. Rokko was supposed to be held last Saturday. however, due to weather condition, the trip was postponed to Sunday (yesterday).

But, it was cloudy yesterday (at sea level, it was raining on Mt. Rokko). It was also cold up there.

The trip starts with a ride on a cable car up to the mountain. From there, we take a ride on a loop bus which connect to various attractions on the mountain.

We start with 六甲山牧場(Mt. Rokko Ranch).

There, we had our lunch. After that we went to made some ice cream ourself. You also can try to make butter, cheese or sausage. The fee is 800yen for butter and ice cream, 1000yen for cheese and 1500yen for sausage.

After that we went to Garden Terrace.

You can see the scenic view of Hanshin Area there. There are also shops where you can buy some souvenir.

We only manage to went to 2 attractions only, there are also Hall of Halls (musical box museum), Mt. Rokko Caountry House, and many more.

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