17 Mei 2009


The situation in Japan is becoming worse. Yesterday morning, 3 students who have no records going to America, Mexico or any country in last 30 days were confirmed infected by influenza A subtypes H1N1 or known as swine flu.

This is the first domestic case confirmed.

As a countermeasure, all schools, kindergarten, public places, are closed till 22nd May. Kobe Matsuri (Kobe Carnival) also has been called off. I also got an e-mail from Kawanami Sensei that told us to stay at home and don't go out if it not necessary. By 11 pm, 5 more people were confirmed infected by this flu.

At my baito's place, we received an order requiring us to wear mask as a prevention measure.

As this post were written, it is confirmed 9 people in Osaka, and 4 more people in Kobe were confirmed infected.

All this event confirmed that the Japanese Goverment's measure to stop swine flu at borders are not succesful.

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