26 Mei 2009

More budget needed!

Last week, our city, Kobe have been attacked by Influenza A(H1N1).

All schools including my University were closed as a measure to control this flu before it goes out of control.

This 'holiday' made me bored and I decided to assemble some of my plastic models.

Because of this, I run out of plastic models. And I also run out of display spaces.

Now, I need to prepare my money to buy some models, and material to expand my display space.

I've bought some material for my display space for about 1000yen last friday. Maybe another 5000yen were needed to buy new models and paint. And another 1000yen (or less) for my display space.

Here some pics.

yes, I use CD/DVD case (5mm) for display.

It is very crowded here.

From another angle

3 ulasan:

  1. well elyas, you can always work tho for the extra money

  2. waaa...byknyer koleksi... 1年から??

  3. Yup...1年から..dan koleksi ini makin bertambah...