06 Jun 2009

Blogging is an easy matter, but....

Blogging is a really easy task. From setup a blog, till posting. All these you can do with just clicking.

But it is not easy for me. Well, I make it not to be easy. I search for template, widgets and so on before starting my blog (yes, this blog).

And after that, all I need to do is maintaining the codes. This is the tricky part.

When some of the codes don't work properly, it really give me an headache.

Currently, I have problem with my embed music player hosted at imeem. Starting from last month (or was it April?) all you can listen is just for 30 seconds if you don't signing in.

Now, I am searching for another hosting site to keep this blog's background music alive.

Here an advice from me for those who want to start a blog or want to upgrade their blog.


if you like programming, it is another matter.

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