03 Jun 2009

Progress and Keropoks (2 titles, 1post)


At last I received some work from my senpai, Miyaoka.

Last week, he ask me to do some calculations and make some graphs. However, Kawanami Sensei said that more data were needed to make the graph look good.

So, we have to acquire more data. however, the last time the experiment was conducted is several months before. My senpai gave me two choises: use the old apparatus, or make a new one. Because I was really really free, I chose the latter.

So, this is what I will do in a week or two:

Make new apparatus and collect some data. Then, do some calculations, make some graphs and send it two my senpai.


last week (also), I received an SMS from my mother. She said that she sent me some keropoks from Terengganu. it was from my cousin. My cousin was married with a man from Terengganu (see this post).

I thought it was keropok lekor as it was from Terengganu. However, it isn't.


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