06 Julai 2009

Virus: The Series...

Day 1
1000 Hours

It was a very nice day. Every people in my lab are very happy. Some of them are sleeping (I nearly step on their head), and some of them are playing Mah Jong. I turn on my computer as usual.

1115 hours

One of my friend (Yamada) came after doing his experiment. Those who were sleeping, are now wake up sitting in front of their computer. One of my senpai (senpai A, I'm not using the real name to hide his true identity), want to cucuk his USB drive to my friend (Ikeda).

Soon after he cucuk his USB drive, a warning message appear. "Virus XXXXX detected (not using the real name to avoid confusion)". Appropriate action were taken. Safe, for now.

Day 2

The virus still appear. It's look like the virus cannot be killed. Is it immortal?

I searched the internet. No luck. Too many version of it, and this one is the latest (I think).

I scanned my computer and my USB drive. Got one in my USB drive, but it was an old version. The virus was liquidated.

Day 3

Scan my USB drive and my computer again. No virus. Safe?

Day 4

Senpai A, cucuk his USB to Kawanami's presentation用 computer (Kawanami gave the permission because the computer is just for presentation only). Nothing happens.

Day 5

The search and kill operation continues.

Day 10

1500 hours
A message come from Kawanami Sensei. The presentation用 computer has been effected by a virus known as Virus K (real name not used to avoid confusion). The order to scan all computer for virus were given. No virus detected in my computer. Neither in MieXa.

1800 hours
Another message came. The presentation用 computer stop working. The order to stop using USB drive were given. "If neccessary, all computer will be reformat." phrase also included in the message. I hate it.


Because of the latest situation, I can't continue my proposal writing anymore because I keep my proposal in my USB drive.

Luckily, my kohai, Z (real name not used to avoid kembang hidung) said he can lend me his laptop.

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