19 Ogos 2009


Warning: This post may contain swearing, hatred words, and other words that are not suitable to use in front of your kids. Reader's discretion is advised.

Lions, tigers, cheetahs, alligators, snakes... These animals were built to kill.

Animals need to kill to survive. The weaklings are their main target.

Humans, kill each other not just for survival. Below are some of the situations:
-'A' hates 'B'. So, 'A' killed 'B'
-'A' didn't get what he wanted from 'B'.
-'A' needs more money. 'B' have many. 'A' asked 'B' for some money, 'B' refused. No choice. Dead.
-'A''s girlfriend/fiancée were 'stolen' by 'B'. 'B' must die.
-'A' attacks 'B' for no reason. 'B' have to defend himself, but failed.
-'A''s hobby is killing.
-'A' is drunk, and he drive. 'B', a pedestrian is at the middle of the road. 'A' didn't notice.
-'A' is tired of life (he didn't find a guy who can be killed). Yes, suicide.
-'A' received orders. Your wish is my orders?

Today, I had an exam. Nearly 8 hours I sit in the room. Very bored, tired, etc etc etc. When I returned from school, I sit in front of my computer.

Turn it on


There was a fly, flying happily in front of me.

----* + *---

target locked...SLAM!


when I thought it was over, I saw another one flying under the monitor.


This situation continues for about an hour. 10 dead.


This is critical-I said.

Rush to Daiei (store's name). Shopping list: Pesticide, pesticide, pesticide.


From left:The Guardian, The Killer, The Deceiver

Back home, I sprayed all over the unit. And I sprayed all over again...And again...and again...and again...

Sit back.

These flies are very tough. They don't easily died, even after 30 minutes. They still alive, but they can't fly. And the killing continues...

A fly in captivity. Survived for an hour.

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