29 Oktober 2009


When I went to Umeda's Yodobashi Camera with my PSP (a.k.a MieSYa) two weeks ago, I was very confident that it will be repaired. But all that was never happened. Because I use CFW, Sony refused to repair my PSP. So, I got back my MieSYa with broken LCD.

But I don't give up so easily. I searched the internet and managed to get a new LCD with T2 screwdriver (not philips or minus, its more like star shaped) with just 6200 yen. 3000 yen cheaper than the Sony would charged.

With the help I found in youtube, I took only less than 30 minutes to changed the LCD. (more pics below)
The new bgm for winter has been uploaded. I have set the volume level lower than before.

The new LCD

Old LCD taken out

New LCD installed

Buh-bye old LCD

Good as new

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