20 November 2009

Forward (announcement)

21st of December 2008, a date which is very important for me.

The first post for this blog was posted at this date. Since then, I wrote many post about nearly everything. This blog which at first created to combine all my blog, "Hobby Matter" and "Idea dan Fikiranku". However, this blog became a portal to the blogs.

When I bought my DSLR (I waited near 4 years for this), I created another blog, The World from My Lenz. then, I decided to move the blog to other site due to bandwidth restriction.

Today, 21st of November. A month till 21st of December. In a month, I will write new codes for this blog.


Having more than one blog is not a very good idea. First, I take too much time to update just one blog. Second, because I mainly update this blog, all my other blog are left unupdated. That's what happened to me. Third, it is very hard to manage the feeds.

The plan

The new code will make this blog more manageable. And also easy to view (I hope). Here, are the features that I plan for this blog.

-If you type in the url for this blog, you will be brought to a welcome page. There, no post will be displayed.
-I will use three major categories: Blog, Hobby Matter, Photography. All these categories can be accessed through the tab above.


I will maybe take this blog offline several times. If you use the address http://theworldoforcaz.tk , there will be no problem at all. you will be directed to another blog which I made for backup. But, if you don't you better to do so.


Because this blog's code is getting more complicated than before. I can't take take this blog back to 'normal'. I don't create the code from scratch, I'm not good at it. I only search for it on the net and apply it to this blog. Changing the code may result to lost some feature or big failure. The process for getting the code right may take a long time.

For this code, I targeted 1 month to get the code ready. It may take more, but I will try to make it on time.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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