15 Disember 2009

2010: 4G era

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Since last year, telecomunication companies (especially in Japan and America, dont know about europe) has been testing the next generation for mobile phone: 4G (fourth generation). This technology will be ready for service next year. This also mean that, 4G ready mobile phone will be in market next year.

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I'm now searching for a new phone as my iPhone don't have enough RAM to satisfy my needs.

Next year, it is a battle between 2 big OS, iPhone OS and Android (this is TOTALLY my opinion).

In my shortlist:

iPhone 4G
Nexus One (by google)
HTC Phones (too many to list here)
Motorola Droid

Many people said that Motorola Droid is a iPhone contender; Nexus One (from Google by HTC) surpress Motorola Droid, and HTC stuck between Motorola and Nexus. Simplify the math: Nexus One is better than iPhone.

I also surveyed about Windows Mobile OS Phone. The next generation, Windows Mobile 7 will be in market next year also. Windows Mobile was my first handheld OS I had several years ago. It's not a smartphone, just a PocketPC. I also like Windows Mobile because it has many freeware written for use with the OS and it is available in the net. And...I'm a PC user.

So, which one will be the next smartphone for me?

-Another question: Is Malaysian telecomunication networks ready for 4G?

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