26 Oktober 2011

At the bottom of the Gravity Well

After 6 months of waiting, the latest episode of Gundam Unicorn (Gundam UC) have been revealed!

An event, showing Gundam UC episodes, from episode 1 to 4 held last Tuesday (October 25). An episode is 1 hour long, so the event took more than 4 hours!

Gundam UC episode 4 will be on sale in advance on November 12 (theaters), and December 2nd (shops).

In episode 4, more GMs and many many mobile suits shooting each other. Aqua GM make its appearance in this episode. There also Zaku sniper, and many mobile suits that never appear in other movie or series (mostly MSV). And , there is also a mysterious Gundam. The design is very similar to other Gundams which appeared in Advance of Z.

If you watched "Char's Counterattack", there is a similar scene in the movie which 2 psyco-frame equipped mobile suits fight each other just using psyco-wave (thats what I called, never know what it officially called).

After the event ended, the most popular character that came out from the audience mouth is Marida. What's happened to her? I can't give more spoiler here (if you read the novels, you already knew).

Now, when will they sell the Aqua GM Gunpla?
Everyone was given a bag of goods
A file and official event ver. trading card received at the event

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