25 April 2008

My "pet"...The new HARO!

I pre-order this HARO since last year, but when the date is just around the corner, the shop has been banned from Yahoo!JP (it's an online shop). How could this happened to me? Good thing that I not pay for it yet.

So, I rush to a model store last week to buy this HARO. Just cost me about 3000 yen.

Why I want to buy it so much? One of my reason is, I am a fan of haro. It's...round.. :)

But the main reason is, I want a pet to talk to. Pet are not allowed in this building where I live. If I can, I want a cat.

Haro, cannot talk just like human. Only give responses to sound. But its more better than my Pocket PC which cannot give any responses to my voice... : (

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