15 Oktober 2008

New Items Arrived

Its have been a long time this blog not updated since April 25th. About 4 month!

And in this 4 month period, I have been buying new models and non of them were assembled yet. What a waste of money.

And I don't stop. I successfully bought some new kits last week. And arrived 2 hours before this post were written.

It's a very big box. About 40X50X20 cm.

And it's time to open the box.

And the picture above shows what inside. 9 kits total.

There are kits from Sakura Taisen game siries, Koubu kai. A mecha that move using the power of steam.

As you can see, there are 7 boxes (left from above: Orihime, Maria, Sakura, Ohgami. Right from above: Sumire, Kohran, Iris). And 2 not with boxes (Orihime and Sakura).

In the game, it should have 9 character. Not in the list are Kanna and Leni. I can use one of the kits that not have boxes to built Kanna's Koubu Kai. But for Leni, I maybe have to buy another one called Koubu Kai MultiPlex because it is difficult to make the weapon (kanna don't use weapon so...not a big problem).

This Multiplex speciality is you can built 1 of the 9 characters Koubu Kai using 1 kits in 1 box only. But you have to color it.

I spend about 6000yen for these. And I have planed to buy Koubu F, Koubu and also Star total to 18 all of them.

Now, I have worry where should I keep these......

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