23 Januari 2009

My Friday...

According to the weather report yesterday, today will be a little bit hotter compared to yesterday. The report also says that, today will be like a day in spring. But, there's a bad news.

This warm weather, will be just for today as from tomorrow, it will be winter cold again. a weather which I'm not hoping for.

As usual, on every Friday we will play table-tennis or ping-pong. Regardless what the weather is and we had a good match with two students from China have a match with us. It is very interesting match because, as we all know, China is a country where the people are very good at this sports.

At first I thought, we would lose very easily as we are very lack of skills. But, when the match started it does not turn out that way.

They kindly adjusted their level of skills to us. I could know by watching how they received our serves, and how the rally ended. I know they can do better than this. But, it is okay. Because of that, we had more confidence to play.

Than, we had a birthday party, although we didn't plan it.

It is for one of my kohai (junior). at first, we also wanted to celebrate with another kohai whose birthday is on the same date with the another one. But, she has already celebrated with her friends.

For the birthday "party", we had a piece of cake. Okay, not a pice, two pieces. not enough time to prepare a proper birthday cake. I didn't know that today was their birthday. And both the kohais and us had no plan to celebrate them either.

And that's the end of another ordinary day. I'm supposed to start my part time job today. but they told me yesterday that I don't need to come today. Instead, they told me to come tomorrow. They said they have some...I don't know.

So, it will be a busy and cold day tomorrow. And next week, is the week of exams. for readers who that will have their exams, I wish you good luck. Gambatte! Do your best!

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