25 Februari 2009

New step...

As I take more photos more than ever. I decided to share my shots with the world. But uploading to flickr, or photobucket, or some internet social websites, doesn't fulfil my needs.

For you - readers, and me to comfortably browse the photos, all the things I need is an online album that very easy to view.

The current blog (this blog), have a small width. I want to put to Hobby Matter blog, but it is just not right.

Then, the idea of creating a new blog came to my mind.

It is not just a blog, but a photoblog. I know, I'm not a professional photographer. But a photoblog is easy to use. I don't have to put links, or log in to different website and then post in this blog. It is very time consuming.

But, there is one thing that you need to know. It will use a lot of flash.

For you easy to see the new blog, there will a post or two that will show in main page. Not like this blog that have 5 posts in the main pages and lot of widgets at the sidebar. The new blog don't.

Another step taken for you to easily remember and access my blog ( I mean this blog-the main blog), I just acquired a domain name.

Just type theworldoforcaz.tk, no more blogspot.com which is very long and take more time for you to type.

From this blog, you can access all the recommended sites, and blogs (including my blogs).

ah, forget to tell you the address for my photoblog. It is orcazstudio.blogspot.com.

Hard to remember all my blogs?

Easy. Just access this blog through theworldoforcaz.tk and you can access all of them through the top menu at the top (top menu is at the top, otherwise it will not given the name 'top menu').

For those who want to get domain name like mine just click on the link at the left sidebar (at the left of course) or simply click here.

Have a nice day!!

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