01 Mac 2009

Having fun in Namba

An instant message received by my senior yesterday morning start it all. I know he had plan to go to Namba but why he want me to come was really puzzled me.

But I choose to go because in my mind, I can practice for street photography shots.

With just my camera (and camera bag), without any sleep (I just came back from my baito) I went to Namba.

Because I don't have any plan with them and they don't have any plan except to buy an external hard disk, I took a long route before met them in front of a shop there. I took several photos along the route.

Then, we went to Namba Parks which just fully opened last year.

When we have our dinner, they said that they want to celebrate my birthday there. Hmm.. for me it was not a celebration because there was no birthday cake. But I didn't have to pay for the dinner.

After that, we go to get some purikura pics.

My day didn't end there. I have to rush for my baito after that. That's mean, no enough sleep!

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