14 Februari 2009

Saved from short circuit...

Last month, I was visited by a man from 関西電気保安協会 (Kansai denki hõan kyõkai/Kansai Electrical Safety Inspection Association) . He inspected my room electrical circuit and found that a short circuit has occurred.

So, an electrician has been called to see the problem. He said that a socket in my bathroom maybe the source of the problem due to the high humidity in the bathroom.

On Thursday, the electrician came again to fix the faulty circuit. The socket wire was cut, and covered. But, it did not solve the problem. He decided to come again tomorrow (Friday/yesterday) to fix it. He disconnected the entire affected circuit-that is my bathroom, my kitchen, my doorbell (I though it uses battery), and my balcony. Thanks to him, I have difficulty to cook my meal, use the bathroom, and using the washing machine.

He came again yesterday, to rewire my kitchen, my bathroom, bla bla bla. As a result, I have one lamp in the kitchen (from 3), one lamp in the bathroom (from 2,), 4 sockets (from 5), and my doorbell still can't be used.What a disconvenience.

He will come back next week to fix my doorbell, and to cover some switches-yes, he left it all open.

Electric shock anyone?

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