09 Februari 2009

The world from my lenz

I had my first camera when I was 10. At that time, all cameras were uses film.

I took many photos, and got scolded by my mom ( my dad is okay) because all there is no photo of me there.

Can you imagine? Nearly all my shots (99%) are wasted works.

But now, we all use digital cameras. We can take as many shots as we want, without worrying about how many shots can be taken left and not-so-useful shots. Just delete them if we hate them.

We also now, can share them with the whole world thanks to the digital devices such as our digital camera (of course), scanners, and most importantly - internet and computers.

I also like to share my photos (not the photo of me) to the whole WORLD!!

I've uploaded my photos to flickr, which you can access through the link at the right.

I also have uploaded many randomly taken shots to my facebook account and friendster.

-a question...What does photo/photographing mean to you?

Here is my answer:

Photographer = Writer (式1.0)
Photo = Article(式1.1)
Album = Book(式1.2)


Photography = life
What's yours?

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