18 Jun 2009

Choosing a netbook...

I am planning to buy a netbook this August. However, the netbooks that are inthe market right now didn't satisfy my needs.

I want a netbook athat can play HD 1080p, can use Adobe Photoshop smoothly...

A visit to a computer online selling site here give me a hope.

A new product from NVIDIA, NVIDIA ION make all netbooks can be as competitive as the notebooks.

With NVIDIA ION, a netbook can playback HD 1080p videos smoothly. It is also reported that Adobe Photoshop CS4 can also run smoothly.

A test by a computer company shows that, with Intel Atom (I don't know which Atom), game like Sim City 5 and Monster Hunter can also be played smoothly.

However, till now there are only 3 models announced by computer maker. Acer "AspireRevo" (a nettop); Lenovo "Ideapad S12"; and Dospara "Prime Note Cresion NA".

Lenovo Ideapad S12 will not enter Japanese market until further announcement. Dospara Prime Note Cresion NA is a little too heavy for a netbook (1.9kg).

AspireRevo is not a choice for me. I already have a desktop and there is no reason why I should buy a nettop.

So here are my choices that I have:
1. Don't care about the weight, just buy Dospara's
2. Buy Lenovo's.
3. Just wait and see.

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