17 Jun 2009

It's a bird, it's a plane...it's a...fish?

If you are planning to visit Japan, maybe you should put a helmet in your "must bring" list. You'll never know what will fall onto your head.

Recently, Japan has been puzzled by many unsolved events. There were many reports about small fish falling from the sky.

At first, many said it was brought by birds or tornado. But it getting worse in these 2-3 days. Not only fish, there are also frogs. And as I watched news this morning, even snake fell from the sky. Luckily, it was not a living snake.

Why? It is really unexplainable.

These "fish falling from the sky" phenomenon has been reported many times before. There are also reported that not only fish and frog falling from the sky, cinders, meat...hmmm meat? Cinders?! Scary.

The Japanese official also investigated if it was a doing by a person or group as a joke. But there also a reported case, that fish was falling at a vegetable farm. You can easily notice if there a person. But according to the report, the farmer was alone at the time, and nobody in 10 meters radius.

Hmm... I wonder if money cam fall from the sky like the fishes. I want to buy some computer's parts.

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