22 Jun 2009

Presentation, presentation, presentation...

My presentation today went smoothly without any big trouble. That's good for an hour work (I prepared my powerpoint only this morning). But, I made a mistake. Not serious, really.

I told Kawanami Sensei that I want to do some experiment with the apparatus that I am making now. That was a the mistake. He gave me a green lamp without any question at all.

The problem is: if I do the experiment, I have to present the result. Thats mean, I have to present it in the proper way and more ready than this morning. A very tough task for me who is a 'malas' person.

That the bad news. Now the good news.

Because I will take the entry exam for master, Kawanami Sensei said, "today is the last day for your presentation. you need to study for your exam". Well, it is a good news. At least for two months. I don't have to worry about any presentation at all.

That what I was thinking.

I checked my schedule for this month. And there is a not-so-good news.

Another presentation next week. This time, in front of Hirasawa Sensei. Everybody hates him when come to presentation, and you don't want to know why...

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