24 Jun 2009

30% wider!

When reading about photobook at a online forum about photography, it made me think "why don't I do like that at my blog?". It is a good idea, in my opinion. But I have to bring my camera with me all the time. For those who like photography, this is a tip that most professional photographer says.

Thats mean I have to carry another 2kg load. The camera weight is about 500g, the lens (I have two) are 1kg, and external flash 300g. All in one bag.

If I don't carry my camera every time I go out, I will miss many "shutter chance".


Back to the idea about photobook.

Maybe I can't make a photobook right now, but a photoblog is a good start. I have a blog where I talk about camera, and photography but I don't think it does fulfil the photoblog purposes. This blog however, have the most important part in a photoblog; the story. But not all photoblogger write their story beside their photos.

Then, I make a decision. No need to change this blog to photoblog, or rite more notes/stories at my albumblog. I have to put more photos to this blog.

For that, I am currently editing this blog's layout. This blog have width about 460 pixels for post. The new layout will have 600 pixels. Thats about 30% bigger for putting photos.

And overall width will be about 1200 pixels. meaning that screen below 13" (widescreen) will have problem to view this blog with new layout. However, this estimation was make with the data that I have. I am not sure if 12" screen or 10" or even 8.9" have 1280 pixel resolution.

Anyway, just wait. And have fun!

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