22 Julai 2009

11 years of waiting

Today's total solar eclipse was the longest solar eclipse in 21st Century.

In Kansai region, it was estimated only partial solar eclipse with magnitude 0.8 can be observed. However, due to the bad weather, I can only observed till magnitude 0.75 (my estimation).

The solar eclipse started at 9:45 am. However, it was very cloudy. At 10 am, I could see the sun between the clouds. Because I can see the moon shadow, I decided to go out to a park located near my apartment.

After I set my camera, I tried to search for the sun. It was very difficult because of the cloudy condition. I waited for nearly 30 minutes for the sun to come out. The sun did come out giving me just enough time to aim. Then, the clouds came again.

This 'hide and seek' game continue for another 5 minutes before I get my first shot of the eclipse. Thanks to the clouds, my solar filter (actually, it is a 5.0 ND filter) became useless.

I get several shots without using the filter. Then, at 10:50 am there were no clouds near the sun. this condition continues for several minutes before the thick and dark clouds came covering the sunlight. It was estimated that the maximum magnitude of the eclipse can be observed at 11:05 am but with these clouds, it was impossible.

I waited 11 years for this event, and I'm glad I can see the eclipse.

Where is my sun?

First shot of the eclipse

My favourite

The maximum magnitude observed before the clouds came

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2 ulasan:

  1. cun aa..
    nyesal ak give up awal2..
    ingatkan dah x nampak..
    huhu~ dgr citer next year kt Italy..
    kt Jpon plak boleh tgk 日食 ni pd tahun 2035~

  2. next, tahun 2012, ada annular solar eclipse (gerhana matahari cincin). Satu jepun boleh tgk... tp masa tu aku sah2 ada kat Msia...