21 Julai 2009

3 days, 1000 shots

I broke my own record! 1000 shots in 3 days! (4 days actually). However, not all of them can be used. About 400 shots have been reviewed and only about 15% of them were selected.

1st day (16th of July): Gion Matsuri, Yoiyama night

I went to kyoto with some of my friends here to 'enjoy and feel' the Gion Matsuri (Festival). 17th is the climax for the festival which spans the entire month of July. However, because many of us were busy on 17th, we all went in 16th.

The night before 17th is called Yoiyama, the night before that (15th) is called yoiyoiyama, and the night before that (14th) is called yoiyoiyoiyama.

There were many people went to see the Gion Festival. With yatai (stalls) at the side of the street, the sigh was just like Pasar Malam in Malaysia but the numbers are more greater.

The person who invited us to come to Gion Matsuri, don't show us anything except those yatai. So, I didn't went to any of the Traditional Japanese houses there, and I didn't enter any of the floats there (yes, the floats are open to public).

Taking pictures there is also a challenge. using a slow lens, I had to used very high ISO (ISO 1600). Not my favourite, but I didn't have any choice. I tried to use flash and speedlite, but the result...

2nd Day (18th of July): Sanuki Udon Tour

I'm not a fan of udon, a type of thick wheat-flour noodle popular in Japanese Cuisine. But, I wanted to join a guided tour.

Sanuki is the old country located at modern day Kagawa prefecture. So, Sanuki Udon can be said as Kagawa udon. Sanuki Udon is the most famous udon for its good taste, so it is not a rare matter to find some travel company prepared a tour just to eat sanuki udon.

The taste is good compared to other udon I tasted before at other places. But, some places are just 'ordinary'.

We went to 4 places (shops/restaurants), resulting a very 'kenyang' stomach. kids, don't try this at home...

3rd Day (19th of july):Kobe Matsuri

kobe Matsuri was supposed to be held last May, but due to the spreading of the new flu A(H1N1) it has been posponed. I used 95% of my card's spaces here. Luckily, I formated my card earlier that day.

We watch samba (I don't know what the relation between samba and Kobe), and the parade (also have samba). We were enjoyed by the performances. And I got some good pics too.

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  1. waaa...
    awat x haba' ada kobe matsuri~~
    kalo x ak dah turun da.. :D

  2. Aku dah habaq kat YM status aku dah... FB pun ada gak. tp dah ko terlalu taksub dgn Gion Matsuri, nk wat cemana.

    Pasni hanabi la pulak... (tenjin matsuri aku skip atas sbb2 tertentu)