03 Julai 2009


I was not too busy until a few days ago. An information about a scholarship came from my friend has made me from a 暇人 (Himajin) to a very busy person.

To apply for that scholarship, I am required to submit a research proposal. I've never wrote a research proposal before, so this is very difficult for me. To make matter worst, the deadline for application is at 15th of July. Today is 3rd of July, I only have 12 days more before the deadline. BUT, posting a document to Malaysia from Japan take several days. That's mean I must finish my proposal before 8th of July.

I did consulted with Kawanami sensei and Miyaoka-San but result was very disappointing. Luckily, I have friends that can help me with this. Well, the important thing is, I'm not alone....

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