30 Jun 2009

Schedule...(busy, busy, buzzy)

My schedule for July and August are getting more clearer.

In July, I will help my senpai (Miyaoka-san) to collect some data. And for August, Hanabi Taikai (Fireworks), some photo hunting and the most important: entry exam for Master.

Starting this July, I will be doing more baito. This is because I will be facing financial problems next year. The money that I have in my bank, in my wallet, under my pillow, in my pockets, etc etc are not enough to support me for next year. More baito means less sleep, less rest, more money!

In August, I will do more photo hunting, especially shooting the fireworks. I am also planning to go to Tokyo to see the 1:1 scale Gundam. And the last event I have in my schedule before Ramadan (expected: 22nd of August) is the entry exam for master.

The schedule for photo hunting can be checked here (in case for those who want to go with me, or alone).

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