13 Julai 2009

The Rush, The battle

Two tittles, 1 post! (Again)

The Rush

At last, I've sent my application for MARA scholarship. But this doesn't mean that I can relax.

I have to finished my report before this Friday, and have to collect data in this week!

The Battle

The lab where I do my experiment is also the 'home' for other experiments.

Before I start my experiment, I have to set the room temperature to 20 degrees Celsius. For that, I have to turn on the air-conditioner. However, there is another experiment that I really hate when I want to do my experiment (Koike-san).

His requirement is to set the room temperature to 24 degrees Celsius. 4 degrees higher than mine. If he get to use the room first, I can't do my experiment for that day!

Last week, I can only do my experiment for a day. That is 33% victory. I wanted to do my experiment for three days, and he got the lab for two days.

Can't sensei do something about this?

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