14 Julai 2009

The UPS guy

I wanted to post about this, but due the lack of time, I only can post it today.

To get all my documents arrive in time, I chose UPS to deliver my documents. Why? Because UPS system is simple compared to FedEx or DHL. I only fill the form through their website, and then just wait. Simple.

The driver came right in time. But I couldn't ready my documents so I told him to come back about 30 minutes later (I told him I'm not at home, but the truth: I'm sitting in front of my computer, typing).

He did came back after 30 minutes. I'm quite surprised to see that the UPS guy wearing shorts. In my data, many delivery company do not use shorts for their uniforms. Oh well.

But here where the story begins.

I though it will went smoothly just like the time I get rid of my refrigerator and computer display. Well, it did (at first).

I am totally annoyed with the questions he asked.

In usual situation, driver will ask "Is it okay?" after he/she told the price. But this guy ask me before I even fill out the form! He ask "Is it really okay? the charge is quite high". Hey, did he want me to use their service or did he look down on me?

Then the second question came when he ask me about payment. I wanted to use my credit card to pay. He asked me "Is it okay to pay with credit card? Do you feel uncomfortable to pay with cash? (現金じゃむりですか?)". Do I look like a person who use credit card just like those who went muflis?

After all the form have been filled out, he gave me a copy of what do you call it? A delivery label? What ever it is, its the copy that we will received after we filled out the form. After he gave me the copy, he ask me "Are you okay with that? Do you want the receipt?". The usual question he should ask (based on my experience) is "Do you need the receipt?". I wanted to, but he did not bring the receipt with him (he left it in his truck). Not only that, he is already late for other pick up (he received two calls, and he said he couldn't make it in time).

Hope never see a guy like that again. Especially in bad mood. Fortunately for him, I was in a good mood that day.

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