25 Ogos 2009

hisashiburi ni LAB ni ikou!

I heard this from Kawanami Sensei yesterday. Representatives from Hitachi will come to see our magnetic refrigerator. "At last, an electrical appliance maker has interest in our efforts" he said.

Well, it's a big news for him. Not for me, yet. I've done nothing (just building it).

Sensei also gave me new assignment. He want to built another refrigerator. Instead using just only one material (we currently using gadolinium), he want to use three different material- Gadolinium and 2 others gadolinium alloys. So, I have to design new apparatus.

One of the problem that I'm facing is the arrival of the materials. The deadline for me to design the new apparatus is depend on the materials arrival date.

There is another problem. Because he want to use the magnet we already have, the size is very limited. I have some good design but it is too big. I will keep trying.

With this new design, we are hoping to achieve lower temperature (near zero degree Celsius).

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