05 September 2009

The rise of the machines (Gundam ver.)

11th of August

My second day at Tokyo. I decided to go to Odaiba which is my main reason to come to Tokyo this time. My target: to see the real size Gundam statue.

Here the story.

To celebrate Gundam 30th anniversary, Sunrise and Bandai decided to build a 1:1 statue of the first Gundam - RX 78-2.

The project was not only to celebrate Gundam 30th anniversary, but also to support Tokyo's effort to become the host for 2016 Olympic. Because of this reason, the project was named Green Tokyo, Gundam Project.

The site was open to public from 11th of July till 31st of August.

At that time, Typhoon Etau were approaching Tokyo. So, I was expecting rains and strong wind. However, the typhoon didn't make a landfall and went away from Tokyo.

I took a look around and found a booth where the official goods were sold. I decided to buy a Plamo (plastic model) as a souvenir. Taking pictures only is not enough rite?

I am queuing for about 2 hours to buy the Plamo but disappointed becaused it has no major difference with the 30th Anniversary Ver. Only few parts are not provided.

After that, we went to Akihabara (forget to mention that my friend Azril was the guide for my trip in Tokyo).

No, I'm not looking for cosplayers or maid cafe. I was looking for a mouse for my notebook. My budget was very very strict - under 500 yen. With 500 yen, you can get a low quality mouse. But luckily for me, I found a very nice one.


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