02 September 2009

Thank you all...

I'm very happy today. Why? Because the result for Master's Entrance Exam were announced today. My result: I passed the exam.

I couldn't do it without other's help. Some gave me support, some gave me their prayers, and also some who lent their books and notes to me.

Thanks again..

Now, I need to send some personal messages.

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3 ulasan:

  1. WOW! CONGRATULATION ^^ You passed the entrance liked going to the new chapter in your life... Good luck...

    I just drop by in your blog, really nice design?!

  2. Thanks for dropping by. glad you like this blog design

  3. congratulations en. elyas!!
    anyway don`t forget that the ONE who help u a lot is HE, up there...=)

    all da best for three of u(plus fook hee and adilah).....