21 Oktober 2009

2 = 1 ?

More and more people start blogging. This include my kohai and my sensei. My sensei use this "blog technology" as a medium to communicate with his students. And he also put some fun stuff and widget there like Lucky Draw. We enjoy it VERY MUCH.

Today, my sensei (Kawanami Sensei) put an article that is very interesting. Someone has written about a proof that 2 is equal to 1.

Here is the link.

The article says that nobody can't tell that the proof was wrong. Mmmm... Imposible. What our wise mathematician are doing? Sleeping with their textbook?

Read about invalid proof (wikipedia link). when a=b, then a-b=0. "Since division by zero is undefined, the argument is invalid" (from wikipedia).

Case closed.

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