26 Oktober 2009

World of Orcaz (and music)

Background Music or BGM is one of the elements that make this blog 'alive' (and also annoying for some people). Since imeem put the 30 seconds restriction, uploading to hosting site and put the player code to this blog take more time than before. But I never give up because, I love it.

Currently, I'm uploading some songs. 7 songs will be uploaded this time. More song more variety.

Some clues:
1. Single ranked first in ORICON's Daily Ranking (for 23rd Oct)
2. Single ranked second in ORICON's Daily Ranking (for 23rd Oct)
3. AU's CM song.
4. Pocky's CM song.
5. Album ranked second in ORICON's Monthly Ranking (for September)
6. Nippon Life Insurance Company's CM song
7. Secret.

And of course, all in Japanese. (maybe not for the 7th)

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