06 November 2009


Wow! This is the 100th post! Let's celebrate!

So, for this very special post, I will not write any special thing. Just...普通~


It has been a year that I stopped buying TV's magazine. And without these kind of magazines, I'm not getting any latest info about latest drama, and more importantly latest anime. I do buy magazine about modelling (plastic model) but no much info about anime.

Last week, when I searched for anime to watch (I am only watch drama called JIN, but no anime at the time. JIN is a record breaking drama!) I found a topic in a Malay-owned anime forum about Malay Fansub. It is a very interesting topic. Do you know, there are many Malay Fansub group on the net. So, I picked the youngest one - Clynesub -. Reason: because they are new and I was hoping to find something for me to tsukkomi ツッコミ.

Oh yeah, there are some mistake. Maybe it was not done by malay. But, what do I care, Malaysian national language is Bahasa Malaysia(Bahasa Melayu). I'm not a Pencinta Bahasa (Bahasa lovers or purist) but it would be very interesting to see Bahasa Melayu subbed anime, or Bahasa Melayu software at the market/ on the net. My facebook is set to bahasa, my (M)iePHa also set to bahasa (iPhone's bahasa is very very bad compared to facebook).

So, please support Malay Subbed Anime


I created a new gallery last week. But, it could not be accessed right now.
Please be free to view my flickr account or my album-site.


Another 100 days for deadline

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