30 November 2009


"I have a 学会 in January, and I think, it's better to use the data from your experiment that you'll do." Said Miyaoka-san. He said that the paper must be submitted before or on 19th of January. (wait, 19th?. Why 19th?). At that time, I thought: okay, just get the data. It's my job anyway. But then, he give me a very pleasent news.

He said, I can use the paper as reference for my thesis. According to Miea calculation, this will reduce the hardness for my thesis paper by 7%. A small figure. However, it is very big for me.

I saw the front page, with names written. Kawanami Sensei, Hirasawa Sensei, and my senpai, Miyaoka-san. Then, after a while he ask me: "Is your furigana right?". Wow, my name is included too (and the longest). I thought there is no credit for me, who do a small job.

I consider it as a motivation for me. It is hard to receive a credit for a "behind the stage" job.


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