10 November 2009


Maybe this autumn is not a season for me to watch anime.


Because there is no anime that interest me.

But, this autumn there are some dramas that are very interesting. Currently, there are 3 dramas that I selected for my collection.

JIN -仁-

Japanese Drama
A story about a doctor that accidentally time slipped to Edo Period. Using the modern medical knowledges, he help the Edo people (with no proper equipment, medicine, and Edo people).

Stargate Universe (a.k.a SGU)

Sci-Fi Drama from US.
Another Stargate series. Not a spin-off like Stargate Atlantis. It is more like a sequel to SG-1. The series is set on an Ancient's ship, Destiny. A new address were introduced in this series by dialling a 9-Chevrons address (In SG-1, they use 8 chevrons to dial to another galaxy).

LIAR GAME (Season 2)

Japanese Drama
A sequel to LIAR GAME 2 years ago. A movie was also announced. It will hit the cinemas next year.

I added the LIAR GAME theme song to this blog's BGM. Now, this blog have 8 song for BGM. (those who use IE, maybe can't hear the BGM. IE hate us, firefox users)


All this three dramas are talking about trust.

In JIN, the main character is from the future (in relative to Edo period). The people of Edo had to trust him to treat the illness using modern medical knowledge which very very strange to them at that time.

In SGU, the people on board the destiny, is not very prepared. Many of them have no skill nor experienced the Stargate's adventure. The Icarus base was attacked by Goa'uld (by looking at the ship's design) and they dialled the 9-chevrons address and they on an Ancient's ship. They have to trust each other to survive.

Liar game, as the title says, it's all about lying. Trust nobody.

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