08 Disember 2009

Back on track

If you read my previous post, my data (about 400GB) lost because I accidentally deleted the partition. Now, I get my data back just what it was before I deleted the partition. Thanks to those who helping me in the process.

Actually, I wanted to create several post about event/things that happen around me but I couldn't do it because of the problem above.

With all the data restored, I now can continue with my plan (changing the blog layout, ready my  desktop for windows 7, etc). For first step, I'm now uploading pics that I've taken last month to my facebook and flickr account.

For this blog, I've taken away the blog posts from showing at the front page. It was a very hard proccess for me who is not really understand how the code works. But I'm glad it all work flawlessly.

That's all for now. See you later....

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