23 Disember 2009

Failure @ 21 december ≠ world end

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 17th of December

At last, my experiment apparatus is completed. I was so happy, a month hardwork.

With the help from Miyaoka-san, we put the apparatus in place. then, come the moment of truth: inserting water.

No problem, no leakage at all.

Then, we check the thermocouples. All work just fine.

But how about the water pressure? We ran a test.

Result: Failure. New leakage found.

 18th of December

After working till 8pm yesterday, covering the holes. No leakage was found. I also change the silicon used to covered the holes with hot glue. Main reason: silicon take too much time to 'harden'.

With confidence as high as Taipei 101, we run the test again. Again, new leakage found. but the good news is it take more much time before a hole opened in between the glue that lead to leakage.

I worked till 10pm. After that, went out karaoke.

 21st of December

It's monday and I was late 30 minutes for lab meeting. Luckily, there was no need to present anything to Kawanami Sensei as he was at the scene last Friday.

Miyaoka-san didn't came as he has other important matter to settle.

I run the test again, this time there was no leakage. Thermocouple no.5 given no response. But it don't have any effect to my experiment.

I run the test again and again just to make sure it doesn't dissapoint me when data collecting begin.

Thermocouple no.8 (one of the 2 thermocouples that is vital for my experiment) response start giving me weird readings. I checked the apparatus, there was a drop a water. Yes, new leakage. But the leakage can't be located as only a drop of water was spotted.

I run the test more longer to make the hole(s) bigger for me easily to detect. But another problem arose: thermocouples no.8 stopped to give me readings. I look at the alarm clock (it was left by I don't know who), it was 4pm. There is no time as tomorrow, people from 学会 will come to see the apparatus.

Time for plan B.

I decided to use the apparatus I made before just for tomorrow.

Miyaoka-san came to the rescue as he return to the lab and help me ready the apparatus.

Looking at the damage, I decided to re-make the apparatus. A decision that I hoped not to take.

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