23 Disember 2009

焼きそば事件 (yaki soba jiken/the yaki soba incident)

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Date: 20th of December 2009

After watching Nodame Cantabile Finale (part 1) with my kohais, we decided to have a dinner.

At first, we want to eat sushi. The restaurant is small, can occupy about 8 customers at a time. The shop was full, filled with customer. No empty seat. It was about 5:30 pm that time, people start searching for dinner.

Then, Hanizah told us that there is a yaki soba restaurant nearby. The price is cheap and the food is delicious.

After searching (tawaf 1 round), we finally found it. The name is Big Kid. All the price shown there are below 1000 yen, and the volume is for 2,3 people per dish. CHEAP!!

We ordered 2 dishes, yaki soba seafood mix and omlet yaki soba seafood mix.

After finishing yaki soba, we start to eat omlet yaki soba. After 2/3 has been eaten, Hanizah found something that made you don't want to eat again. (can't write it here to protect your stomach).

We don't want to make small matter big (well, it was a serious matter actually). So Izzat talk with the 店長 (tenchou = manager(?)) with very slow volume (why can he control his volume at time like that? usually his voice can be heard loud and clear within 10 meter radius minimum!). The 店長 offered us a free drink.

The omlet? 1/3 returned, 2/3 safely digested.

Some pics, this time taken with iPhone 3G.

Omlet Yaki Soba and Yaki Soba

Yaki Soba + Cheese

Pic of a Baseball Player Ichiro

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  1. pe yg korang jumpe?? butaniku??hahahahahaha

  2. Ia adalah sejenis makhluk berkaki enam yg dikatakan klu kene radiation nuclear pun x mati, boleh bertahan selama sebulan tanpa makanan, boleh hidup tanpa udara selama 45 minit, dan juga x lemas jika ditenggelamkan dalam air kurang drpd setengah jam. Apa dia?

    Berteka-tekila pulak.

    klu takat butaniku, takkannya manager kedai tu bg air free.