17 Januari 2010

15 years ago...

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15 years ago, January 17 1995.
An earthquake with magnitude 7.3 (Ritcher scale) with intensity (Shindo/震度 in Japanese) 7, the highest level in JMA scale. Over 6000 people were dead.

1.17希望の灯り-The monument for remembering the tragedy

A special documentary drama, 神戸新聞の7日間(Kobe Shimbun's 7 days) aired January 16 on Fuji TV (Kansai TV for Kansai area). It was about Kobe Shimbun's fight for 7 days after the quake. They lost their main computer (used for making layout for their paper) and asked Kyoto Shimbun's help.

Footages, photos, reporters diaries were shown. The situation was worse. Why? At the time of the quake, Japan was not prepare totally for a very big quake, especially Kobe which have very little quake. After the quake, Japanese Goverment change their policies and building regulations.

Since 2006 (the year when I start my life in Japan), there was 2 big earthquake (as far as I can remember). The last one was last summer in Shizuoka (I was in Tokyo). The damage was very low and the response was also fast compared to Kobe Earthquake 15 years ago.

-The apartment where I live now was built in 1973. Maybe this building was effected by the quake resulting the building to senget a little (siapa yg dah tu dtg taula)

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