27 Januari 2010

Canon goes EVIL!

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My Powershot A530 has been dead for about half a year. Since then, I have many dificulties when taking candid shot (when you using an SLR/DSLR camera, people will notice your camera while you aiming).

Because of this, I start surveying other powershots camera. Powershot G series really impress me. They can take pics in RAW format (I took RAW with A530 after installing CHDK), and they have the mode that I want, the M or manual mode (A530 also have this mode but I can only select 2 apertures).

When I start using dSLR, the most fun part is rotating and changing lenses. I want this feature for compact cameras. Olympus Pen (with micro 4/3) have this feature but I can buy a new L lens at the same price.

Today, I read about EVIL camera. EVIL stands for electronic viewfinder interchangeable lens. The concept is a little different than dSLR. dSLR use prism and mirror to bring the image to your viewfinder, but with this electronic viewfinder, lcd is used. This will reduces the size as lcd can be made smaller than prism used in dSLR. Here, you can get a compact sized camera. Another feature of this EVIL system is, you can change your lenses.

An example for this is Lumix GF-1.

But I want a canon. Why? It is just that, I'm a canonite.

Today. I read about a rumor that Canon will be announcing an EVIL camera this year (I hope next month). First, they will use APS-C censor same as 7D. It will be smaller than micro 4/3 (why Canon don't want to build a micro 4/3 camera?). HD recording and articulate lcd screen will also be equipped.

How about the lens?

The rumor also said that Canon will introduce a whole new leries of lenses known as EF-X. Adapter for use with EF and EF-S will be available also.

The price?

I expect the price will be as same as new Rebel/xxxD/Kiss cameras. Or maybe a little cheaper if canon target the new EVIL camera to more users. Flexible and cheap than dSLR, that is what everybody wants.

I will wait for more news. If it true, I will cancel my plan to buy a powershot G11 and save more money to buy this EVIL camera. I will maybe buy a pancake lens for this camera. It will make it look good.

-I heard that Nikon also developing an EVIL camera, not using a micro 4/3 sensor, the sensor will be slightly bigger than Canon's (about 1mm).

-More rumors: spec for 60D and 550D (or 600D) has been leaked. With upgraded APS-C sensor (15 mpx), and with articulating screen, a feature that Canon hasitate to put on previous model while the competitors do.

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