08 Februari 2010

Fire in the err....where?

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There was a fire at ... I don't know where. Didn't heard the alarm neither. Below is the time-line:

Around 5pm: Kawanami Sensei send a message "落ち着いてください (calm down)" to a member of my lab. Then he replied the message "了解(10-4)".

After several minutes: An announcement from 'the office' "火は、先程鎮火しました(the fire has been extinguished)". We were surprised. "え?火事?(what?fire?)".

One of us send a message to Kawanami Sensei to ask where,how, when did the fire start. Kawanami Sensei replied "コラ(Hey)!". We replied "すんません(sorry)".

We didn't heard the alarm. Nobody in the lab did. If it was a BIG fire, we all rentung already.


-Thanks to those who read this boring post.

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