26 September 2010

The GUNPLA Phone

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At last, the phone that I waiting for has arrived. I booked this phone more than 3 month ago (before the order for iPhone4 opened). And finally, its here. Just look at the box.

I was surprised when saw the box (not the package, not what you see above). It was soo big. Org Melayu kata: sepemeluk.

The shop assistant (店員さん), asked me if I want to take the box. I said: "No thanks, the package is big enough for me".

Not related to this post. Omlet Rice that I have for dinner that day. M size, compare it with the S size (normal size). Big? No lah.
So, what is in the package? Why so big? To answer that question, lets open it.
The package
Above is the pic showing the inside of the package. A Gunpla is also given to the buyers of the phone. At the right side is the parts to build the Gunpla. A Metal In Frame is at the left side above. And the box containing the phone at the left side bottom.

The Phone

Here is the phone. It is based on 945SH (well it is a 945SH model). White in colour. There is White Base marking, EFSF (earth federation space force) marking, and the "RX-78" writing.


It has Gundam customized contents unlike the real 945SH. Here is the one of the animated wallpaper showing the drawing of a wire frame of RX-78. Another wonderful thing of the display is, it is a touchscreen and can be flipped just like other AQUOS phone.

The display flipped.

Now, lets built the Gunpla.

The parts and the instruction
Lets start with the Metal in Frame
The Metal In Frame
This is the heaviest parts.

The Frame from the back.
The frame from front.
Well, it does look like a frame. You can see the core booster at the abdomen.

Next, lets assemble the other parts.

Hmm. I don't know if what I'm thinking is true. This RX-78 is a little bit... fat(?).

With the stand and the phone holder.
Also included is the display stand and the phone holder. The design is based on the catapult of the white base.

This model is a little bit bigger than other HGs (1/144). Non scale (?)

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