17 November 2010

People I met (Fox Project: Aki 2010)

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I met interesting people during FOX PROJECT: AKI 2010.

1.Camera Lovers
Those who love camera

Those who love to hike, regardless their ages and conditions

3.Idols Die-hard-Fan
Yeah, idols fan. No need to explain more.

4.Phone seller who rap.
A phone seller who rap when promoting a phone. Damn, forgot to take out my camera.

5.Aeroplanes Lovers
Equip with DSLR camera, super dooper big Lenses and radio communication to monitor communication between tower and pilot.

6.Indian who regret bought a ticket bus.
"If I know the bus is not soooo comfortable, I will take the train" - He is a businessman, he should take the Green Car shinkansen and stop disturbing my sleep!!!!

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