15 November 2010

A Day at A Book Store

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Personally, I hate to enter a book store. Why? Here the story for today.

I was tired after 3 hours of walking this morning. So, I decided to search a place where I can sit, relax and update my blog. And thats when I enter a Kinokuniya Book Store.

The books sell in a book store can give an impression of a society.


I wonder when it started. The light novel genre - typically not more than 40-50,000 words long - are placed in a shelf located near the entrance (means: it is the best selling books, or recommended by the store).

Maybe they like to read a books that have some entertainment, not too heavy (in terms of weight and content), and able to adapt into dramas. Many of J-Drama are adapted from light novel.


They had one or two floors filled with manga. From a manga that is full of fantasy to near reality.

Well, wolrd already know about Manga and Japan.


Not much. Many of them were translated. Japanese know foreign writer because of th\ese translated books - including Harry Porter of course.

World also know that Japanese not good at English. But, many of the Researchers in Universities always read the English version journals. Translated version will make them confused.


You can find many books about religions. From Islam to Buddhism to Hinduism to Christian.
Christian: Searching peace and God
Buddhism: Way of life
Hinduism: Understanding Hiduism
Islam: The Real Islam and the extremist.

Japanese people want to understand more about Hinduism as it is not very well known in Japan. But India (and its curry) is very popular here.

In Islam case, many of them were confused by the news brought by the Western News Agency: Terrorism, Gulf War etc etc. They see Islam is a very extreme religion, but they also found that Islam is a peace religion after they see truth when they went to Islamic Countries.

Japanese don't believe in single God. A sensei said to me before: "a japanese is born as a Buddhist, married as Christian, and die as a Shinto".


These is what I found. And I spent about 4 hours there.

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  1. "a japanese is born as a Buddhist, married as Christian, and die as a Shinto".

    owh.. selama nih ak ingat terbalik..

  2. hmm...aku sebenarnya confuse gak

    tp setelah perbincangan dgn member aku, rasa ni kot yg btol