01 November 2010

The people you need to know

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Hello to all PSP and PS3 lovers all around the world.

And also Hello to new PSP and PS3 owners.

Now you have the best gaming consol, and still wondering what you need to know?

Get to know these people.

1)Kevin Butler

Who is Kevin Butler?
He is a VP (Vice President) of ... Lots of Stuff

Taken from the Wiki.

Kevin Butler (portrayed by actor Jerry Lambert) is a marketing character used by Sony Computer Entertainment as part of their Dear PlayStation advertising campaign for the PlayStation 3 in North America. He stars as the Vice President of various fictitious departments within the PlayStation division of Sony, responding to "Dear PlayStation" queries. Due to the positive reception of the commercials, Sony will extend them throughout the rest of 2010. The character was created by Deutsch/LA, the advertising agency responsible for the campaign.
I love the ads. I whatch it nearly everyday and never get tired. 

Here is one the ads. I love it because I played it. Kevin Butler as the VP of First Person Shooter Relation

Kevin Butler also involved in Playstation Move Commercials.

The newest is here

Not only that, you also need to know Marcus Rivers

2) Marcus Rivers

Another character. If Kevin Butler promotes PS3, Marcus Rivers promotes PSP.

here you go, Kevin Butler and Marcus Rivers.

What my PS3 got? Two words, Mon-Tage


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